We know how essential it is to always look your best. But it's not easy to do it alone. That's where we come in. Whether you need to add sparkle to your evening dinner or dazzle the lunch bunch, we're the place to shop for the perfect adornment you've been looking for.

Add style, flair, dazzle and wonderment to an already great look when you put on the show stopper topper.

Our first-class services also includes providing your event with entertainment and education on the "art" of wearing a hat.


This  20-30 Minute demonstration is
 Entertaining and Interactive!  This Demonstration exhibits the multitude of stylish expressions  available in millinery fashions today, displaying a sampling of up to 10 different styles. Each of the presentation options  include information on proper hat etiquette designed to fit your audience and event.

In addition to the features of the ADVERTORIAL and the DEMONSTRATION this 45 minute non-stop flurry of fabulous, fashionable eye popping  HATtitude. Or, choose  two 20 minute sessions with a 10 minute intermission to allow your guest to  absorb the atmosphere.Your guests will be entertained, informed and their HATTITUDE knowledge will be illuminated.

Hats 4 Me

 This 10 minute, high energy infusion of  knowledge is informative and entertaining.  Designed to illuminate the imagination of every  woman who may be wearing or considering  wearing  a distinctive choice of millinery artwork.This presentation will remind women  of proper hat etiquette, and the appropriate “hattitude” for any occasion.  Each presentation is designed to fit your  event, your venue and tailored to meet the needs of  your  audience.